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>> news 4 at 11 starts with breaking news. >> tonight, a security scare at dulles airport. passengers forced off a plane after someone phoned in a bomb threat. the threat seemed to focus on
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two parking garages but interrupted operations at the terminal, as well. >> reporter: jim and doreen, right now, nothing has been found out of the ordinary here at dulles airport. as you mentioned, police seem to be focusing on those two daily parking garages, which remain closed at this hour. and this security scare also affected passengers inside the terminal and some on flights at the time. the daily parking garages, which we are told, remain closed. daily parking garage 2 will reopen shortly. number 1 will remain closed for a while earlier. they, too, were delayed, even told to get off their plane after boarding in the case of one flight bound for chicago. police could be seen in the terminal and in those garages with bomb-sniffing dogs inside the garage.
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this is in the daily garages as the officers and the canine units did their jobs. some of the activity inside the terminal, including those dogs seen there, as well. the airport authority says no flights were actually evacuated. that's not what one passenger visiting d.c. heading home to chicago described to us as he spoke to us from inside the terminal waiting to reboard his flight. >> the plane is normally on time for a flight to chicago. i don't know, we sat on the tarmac for about 35 minutes. the mechanicals there, the pilot is going to have us wait another 20 minutes. and then two minutes later, the pilot came on and said there's a tsa emergency. evacuate the plane immediately. so everyone stood up and had to get out.
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the stewardess came o and said please leave the plane immediately. >> reporter: he's hoping to get back home to chicago tonight after about a two-hour delay. nothing found out of the ordinary, but a phoned-in bomb threat had seemed to focus on daily parking garages 1 and 2. >> thank you, jim. tonight, there was a small, roadside vigil to remember a popular student athlete killed on his way to school. 16-year-old ian heflin died when his car crashed into a tree. heflin's 14-year-old sister was seriously injured. the 17-year-old driver has not been identified and was not seriously hurt. he went to high school in virginia. friends hope today's tragedy teaches every student an important lesson. >> it's a tragedy because, you know, your kids walk out the door and they have a driver's license and you can tell them
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all you want you need to be careful. when you're driving, not only is it you in the car, but it's other people's children. and you need to -- and it's hard, you know, hard on anybody to have to go through this. >> this is the second car accident to claim the lives of liberty high school students. three students died in the crash last year. >> it was a really ugly scene at the end of that redskins game yesterday. a few fans engaged in a parking-lot brawl. punches thrown, people body slammed on cars before it was all broken up. prince george's county police say they didn't make any arrests because they say nobody told them about it. >> a mother sharing a story after her daughter was hit by a police crew. a series of fights broke out and police moved in. her daughter was caught in the middle. shomari stone has the interview. >> i hurt for her.
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it's hard. >> reporter: rosita richards wipes away tears, but she can't move the agony she feels. her daughter, jania richards lays in a hospital bed in intensive care at suburban hospital. >> she's a happy, go-lucky 15-year-old girl. i just want my lady bug back. >> reporter: a montgomery county police officer hit the 10th grader with his cruiser friday night after the football game. fights broke out near the school when the game ended. police drove to the scene and they say jania stepped out onto apple ridge road. >> and walked or ran between two of those cruisers who were responding on that street, according to witnesses. >> reporter: police are investigating and placed the officer on administrative lead. >> it's not what a 15-year-old should be worried about. right now, she should be going to homecoming. >> jania has head trauma, a
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broken pelvic bone and can't walk. >> she should be living life and having fun right now. >> reporter: jania's mother tells me it's going to take months for her daughter to make a full recovery. >> looking at weather now, te temptures dropping. it's really getting chilly out there, doug? >> it's going to stay this way tonight into early tomorrow morning. if you step outside right now in some of the suburbs, we're talking about some low numbers. you look at this number, 60 degrees, you say hey, that's not all that cool. watch what happens when we look at some of the suburbs. already down to the mid 40s. 45 right now in frederick. 46 in monassas. able to see a breath out there in some locations and would not be surprised to see a little bit of fog in some of these cooler locations. how much longer are we going to stay cool? when will the rain move in?
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>> condolences are pouring in tonight at the national zoo after the death of 6-day-old panda cub. >> reporter: the national zoo is calling this a devastating loss. the tiny panda cub represented hopes for this giant panda-breeding program. and, of course, for all the millions more visitors who would be coming to the zoo. now the focus turns to what went wrong. in their initial test, zoo officials found that the panda was likely a female. and she had, in her abdomen, a hard and -- fluid in her abdomen and her liver was hard and discolored. final test results won't be back for a couple of weeks. but they do know the cub was not accidentally crushed by her mother. and this sad story gets sadder as we here what the mother has been doing since that cub dad. >> sadly, we've witnessed her
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cradling an object for most of the night. this is the same behavior she demonstrated right before the cub was born. we think this is her natural mothering instinct. >> reporter: soo officials say it's too soon to look for another cub. the panda camera will remain onto allow fans to observe and to learn more about these animals. doreen? >> thanks, wendy. d.c. health officials still do not know what caused several students to get sick suddenly today. three teenagers were taken to the hospital with nausea and stomach pains. aparentally, they had all eaten apples that were brought in by a teacher from a family farm. the department of health tested the apples but did not find anything wrong with them. they believe the students may have been allergic to the apples or the pesticide that may have been sprayed on them.
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sunland incorporated makes peanut butter for trader joe's and several other grocery stores. the company decided to call 76 other types of peanut butter. so far, 29 salmo nernella casese been reported. the company decided on the additional recalls because many of their products were made on the same equipment. >> more than a thousand pepco workers may walk off the job later this week. union leaders say they are at an impasse with pepco on a new contract. workers are supposed to vote on a contract on wednesday. pepco says it is often the u of last, best and final offer last week. the company is ready to call in 400 worker ifs the contractors decide to strike. >> president obama is ready to address the united nations in new york tomorrow.
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he's expected to focus on the wave of anti-american violence in the middle east. in an interview last night, the president called the recent uprising a bump in the road. during a campaign stop yesterday, mitt romney criticized the president's assessment. >> i think it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy and universal rights. but i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road. >> egypt has elected a muslim brotherhood person as president. i don't consider these bumps in the road. >> the white house called romney's criticism desperate. the obama campaign also released a new ad today attacking romney for not releasing more of his tax returns. some people in virginia have already made their choice for the next president. absentee voting is under way in the commonwealth. people come out today in fairfax
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county to cast their ballots. this is the earliest people have ever been able to vote in a presidential election. >> some unexpected advice from donald trump to students at liberty university. that's the conservative, bible-based school down in lynchburg, virginia. trump told thousands of stunts to get even if somebody does them wrong in business. that was met with silence. trump also said everyone should sign a prenupt chul agreement. and then he took it back saying, quote, in his words, you people don't get divorced, right? >> up next on news 4, dramatic head-on collision and the driver was able to walk away without a scratch. >> a local community held hostage by fear.
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a man slashing people's tires for years. we'll tell you one thing all of his victims have in common. >> facebook under fire that reports
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>> video out of russia you might find interesting. a truck driver survived a dramatic head-on collision. wow. dash cam video showed the truck's windshield being knocked
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out after the front of the truck was swiped by another vehicle. the driver held on to the dash board with one hand and leapt out of the cab onto his feet. this video is on youtube. we don't know exactly where in russia or when it happened. >> a serial tire slasher convicted of a hate crime in montgomery county. police say he targeted his victims based on race. and he terrorized them for years. >> reporter: luis goosman is a father and a small business owner. he wakes up at 3:00 every morning to try to make a living. >> we are working people. we come to a nice place to live a dream. hey, i'm going to live the dream no matter what. >> reporter: but two years ago, steven armstrong made that all the more difficult. he slashed 22 of goosman's tires. for four years, armstrong would terrorize goosman's wheaton neighborhood slashing the tires
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of 19 other latino families. when he was finally caught, court documents say armstrong yelled i hate you spanish people. i hate you all. >> i would call it ignorant. >> steven armstrong was convicted of a hate crime, spent a year many jail and was forced to move out of goosman's neighborhood. >> we are now able to live in a peaceful neighborhood. >> tonight, the anti-defamation league honored the county police department with the shield award for bringing justice to the man who targeted goosman and his neighbors. >> montgomery county police say if you are the victim of a hate crime, your immigration status will not be questioned and it should not be something that holds you back from reporting a crime. drug smugglers are keeping customs officers at dulles airport business.
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six pounds of cocaine inside packages of sugar and soup mix. this happened on saturday. the courier was immediately deported. customs officials say it was the third drug seizure at dulles in a week's time. >> tonight, facebook is denying any security breech after a fire storm of criticism. some facebook users complain that private messages were showing up on their public timelines. facebook says it has investigated each single report that's come in and that the users are not seeing private messages. instead, they are old posts that were left on public walls that have always been visible. facebook says it is impossible for private messages to post publicly because they are on separate systems. >> back to our top story for just a moment. the bomb threat that caused the evacuations at dulles, we are now hearing that the situation is all clear at dulles. so that's the delays if you're waiting for somebody should be at an end.
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so kind of chilly out there. >> it really is. some areas seeing temperatures in the low 40s. we're not done falling yet. temperatures, right now, in the 40s in many locations. right now, at the airport, beautiful conditions. a nice night. it really does feel like fall out there. a lot of people enjoying this kind of weather. as far as the temperatures go, our high temperature was sitting at 70 degrees a little bit earlier this afternoon. one of the coolest days we have seen in months. a employee of 56. the record high today set back two years ago, 99 degrees, nearly 30 degrees warmer thanl where we were today. what a difference a couple of years makes. outside, 60 degrees. our dew point is at 43. again, the southerly wind is going to try to keep temperatures up just a little bit. it's also going to increase our dew point temperature. 54 in gaithersburg.
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monasses coming in at 46 degrees. winchester has come up. so some of these areas in the 40s, you may have already seen your low temperatures for the night. temperatures may actually go up a little bit as they move in towards tomorrow morning. wouldn't be surprised in those areas to see some fog, either. now, bus stop forecast for tomorrow. i think you will be in the 40s for many locations. mostly clear and chilly. 45-55 degrees. the sunrise tomorrow, right around 7:00. it's 6:59. so heads up for that. as far as the rain is concerned, no rain out there anywhere across the entire mid atlantic. we have at least another day before the rain starts to move in here. that's why we saw plenty of sunshine and cool con kigss. here come more clouds during the day tomorrow along with that southwesterly wind of 10-15 miles per hour. i still think we'll see a nice day. i still think tomorrow will be dry, just a few more clouds. wednesday could be a little bit
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of a different story. a few showers possible early, but then a frontal value moves across the region. we're going 30% chance, but a better chance of showers during the day on wednesday. temperatures will be in the low 80s most likely before that front moves over the region. another cool start down to 42 in some of the coolest suburbs down to 52. wounds out of the southwest, 5-10 miles an hour. tomorrow, sunshine early. 73-77 degrees. a little bit breezy. southwest 10-20 mile an hour winds tomorrow. a better chance of rain each day as that front just kind of meanders around the region. i think we'll keep the chance of rain in for friday. keep it in for saturday. i've taken it out of sunday. and then another chance of rain coming up on monday. even though there's a chance of rain each of those days, it does not look like it's going to be a wash out, any of them. that's some good news, too.
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>> we've got sports next. the zimmermans on a roll. >> also, the
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step by step. >> post-season baseball, nationals getting closer to clinching their division. their magic number down to five as they start a three-game set in philadelphia tomorrow. the guys also need to win seven of their final nine games to
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reach that magical 100 win plateau. seems like yesterday, we were talking about a hundred losses. a couple of offensive explosions like today will help. george was the big inner. game action, tied at one. this is jordan zimmerman. zim actually a pitcher and a designated hitter in college. he's used to getting some good wood on the ball. nats up 2-1. later in the inning, now up 4-1. a double dose. it's a three-run shot. and the nationals pound the brewers 12-2. that magic number, as we said, to clinch the nl east now at five games. jordan zimmerman is a big reason why. >> yeah, you know, any time i can get the bat on the ball and get a few hits is always a plus. and, you know, i drove in a run tonight which was good. and i don't know if it got a
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little spark going, but, you know, two outs and i knew he wasn't going to throw me a fast ball. i was kind of looking for some off-speed stuff and got something i could hit. >> a little country music there in the background. orioles enter behind the yankees. now, watch the bull pen. the catch in the hat. luis ayala. that's a great play on both ends. at the plate and in the bull pen, the orioles win 4-1. on to the night cap we go. pick it up in the seventh. os down one. jake garrietta on relief. oh, aaron siebi isn't going to let that happen, that's out of the park. grand slam as they fall 9-5.
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baltimore now a game and a half back in the american league east. redskins offensive tackle. trent williams got some good news. just a bone bruise. the team saying his status is day-to-day. the redskins pass defense ranks 31st in the nfl. and the skins have yet to hold a team to under 30 points this season. mike shanahan, what say ye? >> we've played much better at the secondary. our secondary has to be much better than we played on sunday. i'll let you guys look at that film and break it down. i'm just joking, guys, just joking. having fun with you. but, no, for obvious reasons. that's an area of concern. you asked me why we give up how many points and how many yards, you've got to give a specific area. we've got to be better as a group and we're going to work on that this week and hope we improve. >> producer heather schwartz --
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heather mcdunnough, she just got married. he always has to tell us he's joking. >> there wasn't much to laugh about yesterday. about yesterday. >> yeah. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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